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What is my VIN?

Your VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number and is unique to your vehicle. Usually you can find it in several places. The VIN can be found in your MINI’s papers or service agreement. It is also written in your registration documents and the insurance policy. It reveals specific information about your MINI including: Power (kW), transmission type, colour, production date or date of manufacture, and other features.

What data is collected from my vehicle? For which purpose?

Numerous electronic components in your vehicle contain memories that temporarily store information about the vehicle state and potential fault events.

This data is of a technical nature and serve to identify faults, to repair them, and to optimise the vehicle functions.

In order to provide you with MINI Connected services, some of the data stored in the vehicle is forwarded to the BMW Group server in the form of telematics data via the permanently installed SIM card.

How long is telematics data stored at the BMW Group? 

The BMW Group only collects, stores and uses telematics data transferred to BMW Group servers within the scope of current statutory regulations.

Telematics data are only processed and used where this is required to substantiate, design the content or amend the contractual relationship (inventory data) and to make use of or invoice the various services (usage data).

Telematics data required for appropriate invoicing of services (invoicing data) may be stored and used by the BMW Group after the end of the usage period until the invoice has been settled.

Certain data may also be stored for longer in anonymised form.

How can I change my access details?

You can change your access from the “Settings” menu (“MINI ID”) on the MINI App.


How do I install the MINI App?

The MINI App is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge via the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. This app is country specific so before any download is done, please ensure that the phone region is set to “Singapore” and the language is set to “English (Singapore)”.

Can I avoid entering my PIN each time I use the app?

Yes. If your device is equipped with other authentication methods (e.g. Touch ID or Face ID on Apple devices), you can use this feature to unlock the app instead of entering your PIN. Given the sensitive nature of the information available in the app – such as your vehicle location – the PIN or fingerprint ID feature is an important safety measure to keep you and your information secure.

Does the MINI App use my mobile data?

When not connected to Wi-Fi, the app will consume mobile network data for some features. In particular, when using the map on the 'Map' tab, mobile data may be used to download additional map layers and information. However, the map is cached when possible to reduce the amount of mobile data consumed.

How do i connect my phone with my car?


What purpose does the SIM card serve?

The integrated SIM card is permanently built into your MINI as part of the MINI equipment option. It enables you to use many MINI Connected features and equipment options such as Real-Time Traffic Information, Concierge Services or Remote Services, without the need for any additional device. Above all, it means your MINI is able to assist you in difficult situations. MINI TeleServices is part of the basic MINI ConnectedDrive Services and the Intelligent Emergency Call, which provide the foundation for using many other MINI Connected features.

How can I locate my MINI?

Tap on the 'Locate Vehicle' button in the 'Vehicle' screen. The last known position of your MINI will be shown on the map, which is based on when your phone was last connected to your car. If your MINI is equipped with Connected Media, Connected Navigation, or Connected Navigation Plus option package, connecting your phone to your MINI isn't necessary - your vehicle location will update automatically in the app to show where it was last parked.

How do you operate Siri with MINI Connected?

Siri, the personal voice assistant for your iPhone and iPad, can now also be operated via your MINI by using Apple CarPlay. Siri answers all your questions as usual – and you can concentrate on the road traffic at all times.

Simply activate the voice control by pressing the voice input button on your steering wheel to operate Siri. You can make calls with Siri, select audio tracks, have text messages read out, retrieve diary entries, add reminders and call up other useful functions. To make sure your eyes stay focused on the road, the display of the iOS device remains switched off during the journey.


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MINI Connected is a suite of intelligent functions, apps and services that connects you and your passengers to your MINI, linking you up securely and seamlessly with your world around you. It helps make your everyday life more convenient. And makes driving safer – and more fun.

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